How can businesses adapt to droughts in Europe?


Businesses are sensitive to drought, especially when key components of their operations are dependent upon the water at a specific quality and time. Shortage of water supply caused by drought brings major challenges to businesses. Water is a fundamental part of many industrial processes and plays a vital role in global trade. The potential impact […]

How does climate change affect real estate?

Climate change poses clear risks to the real estate sector. In addition to the physical and social impacts of natural disasters, growing regulatory pressures and changes in market preferences are impacting investment performance. These threats have adverse implications in every aspect of the industry, from increasing prices in the real estate market to the decline […]

Can technology stop climate change?

Climate change adaptation means adjusting our behaviour, systems, and—in some cases—ways of life to protect our families, economies, and the environment we live in from climate change’s impacts. While there are many efforts and activism surrounding climate action, we should be looking at how to adapt to the effects of climate change that we cannot […]

CLIMATIG bags first place in Green Future Conference Startup Challenge

CLIMATIG, led by CEO Duško Radulović bagged the first place in Green Future Conference Startup Challenge last June 10, 2022. This win secured the company with 10.000$ in funding and earned them the recognition of more than 900 attendees who are thought leaders and influencers in Europe’s sustainability agenda. The jury consisted of industry leaders […]