Can Climate Fintech Help Climate Change Mitigation in Europe?

Climate change has already led to various impacts on the environment, the economy, and society. These impacts have been felt both in Europe and across the world. Last year, Europe reached the highest temperature record for both August and summer (June – August) by substantial margins of 0.8°C over 2018 for August and 0.4°C over […]

How a Climate Intelligence Platform Can Transform your Business

Climate change is accelerating so as climate science innovations. The impacts of climate change have substantial socio-economic effects across the globe. Climate technologies provide solutions to GHG emissions and address the severe impacts of climate change. Businesses need climate technologies like climate intelligence to have a deeper understanding of climate change, take advanced measures against […]

5 Ways Climate Fintech Can Help Investors

Climate risks lead to greater exposures to properties and economies when events such as hurricanes and wildfires occur. Financial losses that transpire based on climate disasters are becoming more common and this stresses the global economy, slowing and potentially leading to negative economic growth. Poppy Allonby, a senior financial executive and the former managing director […]

Should you invest in Climate Intelligence?

Climate Intelligence (CI) is the historical, current, and predictive information on our natural and built systems to power insights for climate mitigation and adaptation.  In other words, CI can be defined as the data analysis of climate information to understand what affects climate, how climate is changing, and how those changes affect our society and […]

Why is Climate Technology important?

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Climate tech companies are reshaping the world’s largest markets with innovative sustainable solutions. Over the past couple of years, entrepreneurial activity and investment interest in climate technology have skyrocketed. Climate tech has become the fastest-growing vertical in Europe, with funding soaring tenfold from $1.1bn (£840m) in 2017 to $11bn (£8.4bn) in 2021.  Climate Technology Climate […]

The Effects of Heat Waves and Drought on the Housing Market in Europe

Historic heatwaves and droughts have made Europe suffer this summer, which has been signified by scorching heat, devastating forest blazes, a decrease in precipitation and low levels of rivers and lakes. The prolonged extreme weather is taking a heavy toll on European countries, which are still beset by rising prices. In the context of real […]

Heatwaves and Climate Change: How They Affect Agriculture

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The intense summer heat in Europe has significantly influenced human health and increased heat-related hazards and deaths. The rise of heat waves has also caused drought, which is heavily impacting the Agriculture sector of Europe. With a 40-degree celsius maximum temperature experienced in the region, it is vital to stay safe during the scorching season, […]

Addressing Heatwaves in Europe with Climate Tech

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According to Reuters, climate change makes heat waves hotter and more frequent. This is the case for most land regions and has been confirmed by the U.N.’s global panel of climate scientists (IPCC). A study in the journal Nature this month found that heatwaves in Europe have increased three-to-four times faster than in other northern […]

What is Climate Fintech?

Climate change poses significant economical and political threats to the global economy. Collective efforts to alleviate such risk will require a fundamental regeneration of our global economy and coordinated action across public and private stakeholders. Financial institutions play crucial roles. However, money is moving slowly to address the pressing climate issues we are facing now. […]

Climate Intelligence: Key to Resilient Banking

Bank of England (BoE) stated that banks and insurers that fail to manage climate risks as a “first-order” issue could face a 10% to 15% hit to annual profits and higher capital requirements. As a silver lining, we are fortunate to live in a time when technology is advanced. Artificial Intelligence is one of the […]